H3 - Hope and Health At Home

Hope and Health at Home “H3" builds on the teachings and skills introduced in the Annual Hope and Health Community Day Camps. 

We use the term “home” with purpose as it represents the importance to deliver programming that is community/nation based as well as to bring those children/youth home who have been displaced as a result of involvement with government foster care and the multigenerational effects of residential school and colonization.

H3 is delivered locally on a weekly basis and maintain a 10 youth: 1 coach program ratio. Each weekly session is 2 hours in duration and offer a blend of sports activities informed through specially Coaches Across Continents-designed curricula and methodology to address social needs.

What makes this experience unique is the blend of soccer with Indigenous worldview and cultural values, anchored by a holistic development framework. Each and every lesson offers a role AND responsibility to the participants to rise and put into practice the learning. The overall goal is to develop healthy life long learners and leaders and to encourage each and every young person to develop into his/her greatest potential.

Partnership is KEY

The program is delivered in partnership with Kw’umut Lelum Child and Family Services Society and the Nations involved and supported by government, private and public sponsorship/funding. 

Currently we are honoured to be delivering H3 in Stz’uminus and Penelakut First Nation. We are open to opportunities to grow the program into other member Nations. If interested to learn more and explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration, please contact Deana Gill-Georgica.

What gives me hope and inspiration is the youth’s willingness to trust the process of the drills. Their commitment to learning and openness to new aspects of our games is inspiring. It is something I never opened up to as a kid. Their acceptance of us as coaches has been something special as well. Receiving hugs and hearing “Yay Hope and Health is here!” has been amazing.
— Mateo Kostering, Hope and Health at Home “H3” Lead Coach/Program Coordinator